The best way to make better decisions

The one thing that separates successful businesses from all others is good decision-making

Improving how you make decisions is probably the single area where businesses can make the biggest impact on their future.

Nobody has a crystal ball, so making the perfect decision every time is nearly impossible, but great businesses have found a way to improve their chances of making better decisions each time.

There are ways for you to give your business a strong foundation for decision-making, which will go a long way to improving the quality of decisions you make.

What do good decisions look like?

Excellent decisions don’t all look the same. They come in a bunch of different packages, and can change the trajectories of many businesses and their owners, like the examples below show:

On the flip side, the list of bad decisions littered through history is endless and filled with names we’ve all heard many times, such as Kodak (failing to pivot), Google (well, those who declined to invest, anyway)… the Titanic (risk management at its worst)… Talk about celebrity-status for all the wrong reasons, something we all want to avoid.

What would better decision-making mean to you and your business?

For you and your business, a great decision might take on a number of different forms. There are probably a few key questions you and your business are asking right now that need to be answered – with a decision.

Questions like:

  1. Do you continue to invest in a product that hasn’t generated the returns you’d hoped?
  2. Do you go out looking for funding to scale up, or keep trying to bootstrap the company to grow?
  3. Do you sell the business (or part of it) now, or wait for a better offer to come along?

The thing is, any one of the big decisions you need to make right now could be what makes your business succeed and sets you apart from the rest.

The real question is actually whether you’re equipped to make the best decisions you can, regardless of what the decisions are.

So how do we make better decisions?

There are three key ingredients that a business needs in place to make the best decisions it can.

Having one in place is helpful, and having two is incredibly useful. But with all three, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve got what you need to tackle anything that comes your way.

It’s quite easy to get started making better decisions:

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